Hello, please note there will be no shipments Feb 13th - Feb 27th as we will be traveling to attend a few shoots. Please place your order now to receive prior to our departure, otherwise we will fill and ship upon our return. Thank you.
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Gunfighters!  When you order bullets you can add accessories and not add to your shipping in most cases.

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High heat bullets

  Most wax bullets have a melting point of between 135 degrees to 150.  At 150 they are a puddle.  At 135 they maintain their shape but will squish between your fingers. That means you have an equal chance they will spit rather than exit the barrel whole.  Our high temp bullet has a squish point of 185 degrees.  The Deputies of Upland, Ca. tested them by putting them in casings, in a clear plastic case, on a black cloth, on a table in the middle of an asphalt parking lot, in the direct sun on a 112 degree day...

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