NOW AVAILABLE: The new, streamlined Spitfire Wax Bullet. In standard and high heat wax. The Spitfire bullet is the fastest, most accurate bullet on the market.
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Shipping Information

All items from Spitfire Wax ship via the United State Postal Service. 

Shipping charges are based on the total weight of the package. A bag of 1,000 rounds weighs between 2-3 lbs, depending on caliber. The more rounds in an order, the higher the shipping cost. 

Most small accessories can be added to an order without increasing shipping. When you buy a bag or two of wax, don't forget to add in a barrel brush or bottle of wax cleaner for no additional shipping charge. 

International orders cannot be processed thru the website. Please contact the management team for international orders.

Phone: 760-421-6829